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Jim’s Auto Body IS Burlington’s Consumer-Friendly
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Located in beautiful “Chocolate City” at the corner of
Bridge Overpass and Hwy. 83S
1 Block South of the Dairy Queen. 

Our Consumer-Friendly tips:

Deer Season is Fast Approaching

It's a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach.....You've hit a deer. While you feel fortunate to be okay...you wish it never would have happened. Active deer movement is a reality in our neck of the woods. 

Some tips to remember you when driving in "Deer Season"
  • Hitting the brakes is a much safer choice than veering the car when confronted with a deer.
  • Hitting a deer is sometimes less costly and safer than going in the ditch or hitting a tree.
  • Deer whistles don't always work.
  • No amount of driving experience will allow you to accurately predict where the deer will go.
  • When a deer sees your headlights....there's no guarantee that it will freeze.
Frankly, we hope we don't have to see you this deer season...
but when the matter is your car...

Know that you can trust Jim's Auto Body; 
Consumer Advocates in Collision Repair.

We want to thank you once again for the repair of our 1992 Eldorado. As you know, it was quite an ordeal with the insurance settlement and them obtaining hard to find replacement parts. Through it all you were calm, steady and reassuring that the car could be repaired at a reasonable cost. Not only did you repair the car, but you and your staff did a beautiful job. We thank you so much!

--Jim & Judy Arndt


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